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The Community Responds with a fundraiser for a new Van to Shawn Brush – The Krooked Cowboy

Shawn Brush is a local musician with a little twist.  This accomplished guitarist, singer song writer, also suffers with a rare form of Dwarfism call Morquio Syndrome.  While Shawn is out and about in the community regardless of his mobility challenge, he lives most of his life in an electric wheelchair which presents unique circumstances for a performing artist.
Shawn’s customized ride is a 2002 Ford E150 Van called the Grey Ghost.  Because of Shawn’s wheel chair and the need for driving hand controls, he requires a custom ride to get around.  Many buses are not accessible for wheelchairs, taxi, and UBER’s nope…..  So when Shawn Brush found himself trapped inside his Van after his wheel chair lift system failed – he turned to social medial for support.
Episode one – The Cause
The community, jumped to his support, he was quickly donated an electric wheelchair, it needed new batteries, and a few adhoc adjustments from Shawn’s best friend and bass player Harry White and he was up and rolling again in the short term.  His custom wheel chair has been in repair since Sept – we are now mid November and Shawn while really grateful to have a chair that gets him around, the reality is he is disabled person whom could have been left this long without a chair, and there is a long story there about a system that can let people fall thru the cracks, without community support, Shawn could have been one of those people, but in a moment of sheer frustration he reached out and his responded.   Then on Oct 14thwe raised over $10,000.
Episode One – Part 2 - Keep Shawn Rolling Fundraiser!
We were so overwhelmed with the level of community support
Episode Two – Fundraising Updates
Yet, Shawn continued to have wheelchair woes.
Episode Three – Wheelchair Bluesand more Wheel Chair Blues
So we continued to fundraise to get Shawn really rolling, after the success of the Music Event, we have had a guitar travelling around getting signed by other local famous musicians, cause our Musician’s community in the greater Hamilton area is so amazing, Unison kicked in 2000 and this week were happy to receive news from the March of Dimes that they will contribute 15,000 to the Van modifications.
Fundraising Announcements – March of Dimes
Tom Wilson and Terra Lightfoot have signed the Guitaralong with Daniel Lanois,Gordon Lightfoot band, Bob Doidge and Caroline Wilesand many, many, more.
This guitar will be raffled on Dec 1stat the Moonshine Café.  Tickets are 10.00 and we are selling 1000 tickets.  Tickets are about half sold to date.
If you would like a to purchase a ticket for the Guitar Raffle please email or call, and we can get you your ticket before Dec 1st.  Winner will be called by phone if not at the event.  (Moonshine Café, Oakville)
If we can raise $25,000 cash local car dealership Leggat Auto Group has agreed to get Shawn into a nearly new Utility van ready for conversion.  We are about 5000$ away from that goal.
We invite to join us at the Moonshine Café and to get your raffle ticket to help Keep Shawn Rolling and ensure that he can get out and about to keep providing quality inspired local music.
Thank youfrom Shawn Brush.
Sincerely on behalf of the Shawn Brush Foundation we thank you.
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