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Fundraising Goals

The Van

If any of you have tuned into a Shawn Brush Facebook Live - only to find him stuck in his own van, waiting for the Fire Dept.  A reliable ride is important, and Shawn's Van is no longer able to serve him.

Shawn has been van shopping and check out our videos as we continue to search for a perfect ride and the perfect deal.

We will be accepting cash donations at the Oct 14th Fundraiser from 2pm - 8pm.  Join us for a full day of live music, raffles and good times.



Our Goal - A Reliable Ride $30,000

Shawn stay's mobile and reliability is key.  This new to Shawn van has low miles, a clean engine.  The van is already equipped and ready to go to accommodate Shawns wheel chair as a driver or passenger.


2018-09-25 16.15.44

Low Miles

2018-09-25 16.26.42


2018-09-25 16.25.55